The healthy eating buffet, Churashima of Okinawa World, Naha, launched a new menu in February offering Muslim friendly dishes in order to provide food diversity and to welcome everyone.

Churashima is a restaurant that offers an expansive and comfortable atmosphere featuring an immense buffet with over 80 different kinds of food. The buffet specialises in healthy Okinawan ingredients using local vegetables, herbs and fresh fish. The restaurant is able to seat up to 560 people, is wheelchair friendly and comes with Japanese tatami flooring, child friendly eating facilities and a kids playroom.

The restaurant, which cares strongly about customer safety, provides clear allergen labels on each dish and will prepare special meals for those with severe allergies when reserved 3 days in advance.

The restaurant has launched the new Muslim friendly menu in order to allow everyone, including foreign tourists who have restrictions on what they can consume due to differences in food culture or religion to eat with confidence.

The Muslim menu consists of:

  • Roast Beef Bowl 2,900 YEN
  • Fried Chicken and Rice Bowl 1,600 YEN
  • Fried Tofu “Meat” Rice Bowl 1,600 YEN
  • Each of the dishes comes with soup, pickles, and fruit. The restaurant ensures that the Muslim menu does not use any pork and the beef, chicken and seasonings are all halal certified.

    The Fried Tofu “Meat” Rice Bowl is completely free of meat or fish products making it suitable for both vegans and vegetarians. It is worth noting that the restuarant asks customers to order at least 5 days in advance if they want to order from the Muslim menu.

    The Churashima healthy eating buffet is a restaurant in Okinawa World, Naha, Okinawa. Okinawa World is an open air museum and theme park focusing on ancient Ryukyu history and culture. The park allows visitors to try their hand at traditional Okinawan crafts, explore classical Okinawa housing, experience eisa dance and a Habu snake vs Mongoose performance.

    In addition to experiencing Ryukyu culture, visitors will also have the chance to explore Gyokusendo, a beautiful limestone cave grown on an ancient coral reef. The park welcomes visitors from across the globe and invites you to experience “Real Okinawa” with them.

    The Churashima buffet restaurant is located at 1336 Maekawa, Tamaki, Nanjo City, Okinawa Prefecture and is open from 11:00AM to 15:00PM. Okinawa World theme park opens from 09:00AM to 18:00PM.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.