In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Japanese companies are finding new ways to make themselves useful, offering products and services which make teleworking easier and more effective. While some are focusing on technologies, others are repurposing existing services and facilities for the benefit of teleworkers. For example, as we introduced yesterday, mihaku, Inc. now ofers a very reasonably priced lunch and telework option at their three luxury Japanese restaurant chains in Kyoto and Osaka.

Another example is Native Caravan GK, who are now offering a service called Caravan Work, in which company employees who intend to telework can rent their camping cars at a special reduced price.

Caravan Work

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Why telework from a camping car?

As Native Caravan explains in their press release, many Japanese people are unaccustomed to teleworking, and as their company-mandated telework phase gets longer, the following issues are arising:

  • Insufficient communication between employees
  • Weakening of human relations
  • Errors in communication

In order to help improve this situation, Caravan Work can provide a new working style using a camper van, under the concept of "Meeting, Relaxation and Creativity."

Usage scenarios

Caravan Work can be used:

  • As a mobile office for work by a project team
  • To change your work environment and take advantage of nature such as the sea and mountains, thereby combining work and refreshment
  • As a private, isolated location for meetings with partners and clients in the city

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Service overview

  • Objective: To promote enjoyable telework (can be used as part of a wellness management program)
  • Details: Camping cars are offered cheaply on weekdays only.
  • Price: 10,000 yen per day (excluding tax) ※ 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM (usually 15,000 yen / day on weekdays and 30,000 yen / day during high season after 3/21)
  • Target: Corporate users


  • Use for business purposes with 4 or more people
  • Post photos of your usage on social media or contribute a simple report article
  • You need to pick up and return the camping car to Chigasaki City, Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • Native Caravan GK reserves the right to determine your eligibility and is not obligated to disclose its reasons should you be refused.
  • You are responsible for the gasoline fee

To apply, please fill in the registration form at the following website.

By - Ben K.