With Spring just around the corner, warm weather won't be far behind. And when temperatures rise, thoughts invariably turn to cool, refreshing desserts such as shaved ice.

Japan has a long tradition of shaved ice, called kakigōri かき氷. Once made in mechanical hand-turned machines (which can occasionally still be seen in some parts of Japan), electric models are now the norm, and the technology continues to improve.

Case in point. Doshisha's 「電動ふわふわ とろ雪かき氷器」dendō fuwafuwa toroyuki kakigōriki (Fuwafuwa Toroyuki Ice Shaver), a machine capable of producing beautiful fluffly (fuwafuwa) soft snow (toroyuki)-like shaved ice impeccably every time, became a best-seller after it was released in 2016, selling over 600,000 units.

Now, Doshisha is releasing an upgraded version:

Fuwafuwa Toroyuki Ice Shaver DTY-20

The upgraded machine has the following improvements:

  • Ability to directly process frozen fruit, allowing you to easily make frozen desserts and not just shaved ice with syrup.
  • Fluffier, softer ice made possible by reducing the blade rotation speed by 80%
  • New color variations: black and green

The variety of frozen desserts you can make is up to your imagination...



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Product Information

  • Name: Fuwafuwa toroyuki Ice Shaver DTY-20
  • Name (JP): 電動ふわふわ とろ雪かき氷器 DTY-20
  • Colors: black, green
  • On sale: end of March, 2020
  • Price: open price
  • Size: 145 mm X 200 mm X 355 mm
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Accessories: Ice making cups (medium size x 2, half size x 1), maintenance brush, recipe book

To learn more about the Fuwafuwa toroyuki Ice Shaver DTY-20, visit the product website page

By - Ben K.