Following the outbreak of the new coronavirus, the Japanese government requested on February 28, schools across the country to consider temporary closure. Most elementary, junior high and high schools followed suit and were closed temporarily from March 2.

Due to the number of school closures, the opportunities for children to learn and play with friends in a safe and secure place have suddenly disappeared. In addition to a sudden drop in socialisation, whilst parents and guardians are working, many children have found themselves in a situation where they can no longer eat.

In response, the Children’s Cafeteria national Network, run by Musubie has come up with a plan to tackle the situation.

Headquartered in Shibuya, Tokyo, Musubie provides a service where children can enjoy food and social interactions in a safe place. The organisation is now calling upon companies and individuals to provide food and other donations that can help calm the crisis.

Bread and jam provided by a company. | © PR Times, Inc.

To participate

Accepted foods for donation:

  • Rice
  • Bread
  • Pasta
  • Instant food
  • Canned food
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Beverages (water, tea, juice, etc.)
  • Frozen food
  • Seasonings, etc.

*Food items must be unused, unopened and in date *Certain refrigerated and frozen foods may be denied

Donation matching

When matching donations to recipients Musubie will consider the needs of the Children's Cafeteria and depending on what you are able to provide, they will match you with the appropriate recipient.

About delivery

Please deliver directly to the Children’s Cafeteria, from there the items will be checked before being forwarded to its final destination.

Musubie asks donors to cover shipping fees themselves, however, if it is overly expensive, the organisation may be willing to partially pay the shipping fee.

Application period:

Applications and donations will be accepted from Thursday March 5th to Sunday April 5th, however, the date may be extended if schools continue to be closed. In addition to food donations, the organisation is accepting money donations that will help with shipping costs.

When donating a package please make sure it is labeled clearly with the name and content of the package, the quantity of foods included, food packaging condition and size, your contact information (telephone, e-mail address).

Musubie appreciates the cooperation and understanding of all, and hopes that the measures they take will help children around the country live with peace of mind and a full stomach.

Money Donations

To donate by credit card:

Follow this link
Donations are accepted from 500 yen

To donate by bank transfer:

SBI Sumishin Net Bank
Branch name:法人第一支店(支店番号106)
Account Name:特定非営利活動法人全国こども食堂支援センター・むすびえ
Account number :1330624

For bank transfers, please write "coronavirus" in the notes. When making a donation by bank transfer, Musubie asks that you inform them of your name, contact information (address, telephone number, e-mail address), payment date and amount separately in the inquiry form or by e-mail to

A child enjoying bread donated by a supporting company. | © PR Times, Inc.

A message from the president of Musubie, Makoto Yuasa:

It has been estimated that 70-80% of children's schools and cafeterias have been closed since March. However, The Children's Cafeteria, which helps children in need, will not halt their services due to the coronavirus. Instead, the organisation is promoting various initiatives such as distributing ingredients and meals.

I can see the full strength and efforts made by The Children’s Cafeteria during this nationwide emergency, as we vow not to stop until all children are safe.

We answer the call of children and families in need with a little effort and help from people like you. I sincerely hope that more companies and organizations will join this operation and help to combat the effects of the coronavirus.

Thank you very much.

Makoto Yuasa, president, Musubie

About Musubie

Musubie was founded in December 2018 with the vision of "Creating a society where everyone can support the children's cafeteria." The Children's Cafeteria is a free cafeteria that focuses on improving social interactions and takes measures against child poverty. With 3,718 locations nationwide, the Children’s Cafeteria is working to create an environment where everyone feels welcome. The Children’s Cafeteria aims at encouraging participation in social activities that will shape the future through several activities supported by donations from individuals and companies.

To find out more about Musubie and The Children’s Cafeteria check out their website.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.