Japanese Character-themed jewelers U-Treasure have developed quite the portfolio of shiny Pokémon goods, including fancy Eevee necklaces, Pokémon wedding rings, and even Pokéball cases to hold them in.

Now Pokémon trainers can make a splash with their loved one by gifting them U-Treasure's latest release, silver and 18 karat gold Magikarp necklaces.

U-treasure is making the Magikarp necklaces a limited edition release in a batch of just 129 necklaces, as Magikarp is number 129 in the Pokédex. 119 of the silver variation will be released for 12,900 yen, while only 10 of the gold version will be available for 129,000 yen. While the gold Magikarp necklace goes for quite a hefty price, it comes in a fancy Pokéball-motif paulownia wooden box.

U-Treasure has both the silver and gold available for pre-order on their website with delivery scheduled for July. They will also be available at U-Treasure's store in Shinjuku.

By - Big Neko.