Source: PR Times

Japan releases Sakura and Matcha cake flavored Oreos

When cherry blossom season arrives in Japan, so do a load of cherry blossom-themed treats, including sakura Frappuccinos and even sakura IKEA hot dogs. You can now add the classic cookie crunch of Oreos to the list of sakura sweets, as Japan is getting two new exclusive flavors: Sakura Chiffon Cake and Matcha Roll Cake Crispy Oreos.

Crispy Oreos have a thinner cocoa cookie portion, but the two new Japan-only flavors pack some delicious-sounding fillings. Sakura Chiffon Cake Oreos contain a sakura-flavored cream filling with a subtle hint of saltiness, while the Matcha Roll Cake has green tea-flavored cream filling with the slightly bitter tone of a cup of matcha.

Both flavors will go on sale throughout Japan on April 6th.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.