Japanese confectionery chain Ginza Cozy Corner are famous for their various beautifully presented desserts, and sometimes they even create adorable limited edition sweets based around beloved characters.

We’ve seen their super cute dessert takes on Aladdin, Disney Princesses and many others, and for Easter a seasonal set is being released inspired by the instantly recognisable Toy Story Aliens.

These sweets will come in the form of ‘Easter Cups’ filled with various colourful puddings and topped with a cute Alien in an Easter-appropriate costume.

There’s a refreshing citrus flavoured cup including lemon jelly, milk jelly and orange milk jelly, decorated with an Alien cosplaying as Ducky.

For the Bunny-imitating Alien, there’s a cup filled with soda jelly, milk jelly and melon milk jelly.

Lastly, there’s an Alien doing his best impression of Bo Peep in a fruity cup, popping out of strawberry jelly, milk jelly and blueberry milk jelly.

Each individual dessert costs 388 yen, or you can abduct the whole lot for 1164 yen in an adorably designed box set, perfect as an Easter gift. But these aliens are only visiting Ginza Cozy Corner for a short time from 1st April until 12th.

By - Jess.