Wildly popular Taiwanese bubble tea stand The Alley have been a trendy staple of Tokyo’s bubble tea scene since the first branch landed a few years ago. The brand's Instagrammable teas are instantly recognisable, adorned with their signature deer insignia.

They’re no stranger to aesthetically pleasing beverages, like their Valentine's Day range which included a deer topped hot chocolate, and their special springtime lineup for this year includes two ostentatious offerings.

The first option is a sakura soy tea smoothie, which consists of fragrant jasmine tea, green tea and sakura flavour mixed together, and a matcha soy milk cream with sweet red beans. A soy pudding has been wrapped in a cherry blossom leaf to look like the iconic sakura mochi, and used as an adorable seasonally appropriate topping.

If you’d prefer something more on the comforting side, there’s the sakura soy matcha latte, made with soy milk produced from Hokkaido beans which is available in both hot and mild hot.

In an exciting announcement for dairy-averse Tokyoites, you can now customise various The Alley teas with soy milk.

This limited time only spring menu will be available from 20th March. If you need a guide to the seemingly never-ending examples of bubble tea brands in Tokyo, check out our list for boba beginners!

By - Jess.