While celebrating Easter isn’t common in Japan, something about the spring iconography captures the imagination of Japanese confectioners every year, resulting in a whole lineup of bunny and egg inspired seasonal treats.

This year we are especially spoiled for choice as Ginza Cozy Corner, a Japanese chain confectionery store, are releasing not just one but two Easter lineups, in collaboration with Disney.

We already introduced the set of Toy Story Alien ‘Easter Cups’, but this April Ginza Cozy Corner are really going for it with another assortment of nine mini-sized Disney desserts.

Can you tell which desserts are inspired by which characters?

Top row:

Minnie Mouse - Strawberry cream and choco ganache tarte

Tigger - Lemon cream roll cake

Mickey Mouse - White choco cream and raspberry jelly tart

Middle row:

Miss Bunny - Lemon white chocolate and cheese cream roll cake

Winnie the Pooh - Honey in cream tarte

Thumper - Black sesame and choco cream roll cake

Bottom row:

Daisy Duck - Cheese and blueberry cream tarte

Piglet - Cherry blossom and red bean paste cream roll cake

Donald Duck - White chocolate and soda cream tarte

The collection comes in an adorable Disney decorated box adorned with round and cute illustrations of all the characters. It will be sold in branches of Ginza Cozy Corner from 1st April until 23rd and will set you back 2484 yen.

By - Jess.