Japanese digital art collective Naked are known for their grand projection mapping and interactive events.

Although they utilise this digital art know-how in many ways, including Monster Hunting exhibitions and projection mapping cafes, it seems to be spring when they really shine, with a wealth of awesome cherry blossom-themed events to complement the natural beauty of the season.

This year they’ve already announced an awesome spectacle at a Tokyo Aquarium, enhancing various aquatic wonders with their digital cherry blossom art.

Now they’re bringing an artistic twist to a world heritage site in Kyoto, Nijo Castle. The usual cherry blossom festival will play host to ten different works of art by Naked, which can be viewed within the grounds of the castle only in the evening.

As a prologue to the coming artworks, there is a monument at the start of the exhibition called NAKED BIG BOOK, a collaboration between artists Ryotaro Muramatsu and Leslie Kee.

A beautiful projection mapping piece called 'Arrival of Spring', representing the first day of spring, will be displayed on important cultural property Karamon Gate.

The castle moat will be turned into a beautiful ‘Flowers Wall’ with the help of some cherry blossom projection mapping.

Seiryu-en Garden’s cherry blossom tree-lined paths will be turned into a magical pink wonderland thanks to some ‘sakura droplets’.

While the outbreak of COVID-19 has put a stopper on many spring festivities, it seems Naked will be going ahead with this event, but they do remind visitors to take precautions to stop the spread such as proper cough etiquette and hand sanitising, and also to not attend if experiencing any symptoms.

The event will take place during 6pm to 9pm from 20th March until 12th April at Nijo Castle, Kyoto. Entrance costs 1400 yen for an adult. Take a look at the official website for up to date information.

By - Jess.