Although Sailor Moon has probably snatched the enchanted tiara for most recognisable magical girl anime, let’s not forget about the strong independent female characters that paved the way, proving that you can be both cute and powerful!

During the 80s, Japanese girls looked up to Creamy Mami, a character whose run in with a spaceship leads her to become an idol singer with magical powers, enabling her to beat the bad guys.

This icon of the magical girl genre is back in the spotlight this spring, thanks to a collaboration with SPINNS, a Japanese clothing brand that specialises in the latest street trends among the young and fashionable.

Creamy Mami’s colourful, retro art style has been used as a motif for two types of long-sleeved t-shirts (3599 yen each). There’s also a short-sleeved t-shirt available (2999 yen plus tax).

In terms of accessories, there’s a tote bag (2999 plus tax) featuring the main protagonist herself, or even an adorable pouch (1998 yen) modelled after Creamy Mami’s feline sidekicks Nega and Poji.

If you’re not in the market for any clothes or bags, you can still pick up some merch from the collab as there’s a sticker set (800 yen plus tax) too.

The lineup will drop on 29th March and branches of SPINNS can be found in most major Japanese cities (shop list here).

By - Jess.