In 2019, Mindwave Co. Ltd, headquartered in Osaka launched the Luxury Bihada™ cosmetics brand, specialising in beauty products that support healthy and plump skin. The product was a huge hit and this spring, Mindwave has followed up by unveiling the new Luxury Bihada™ Matcha de Beautiful Skin face mask.

The new product is a beauty face mask which uses the power of matcha and fermented Japanese plant ingredients to promote smooth, silky and plump skin.

The first round of the product will be released in a pre-sale available from March 12, 2020 at participating Tokyu Hands stores nationwide. The product will be sold in packs of four (30ml/1 piece) for 700 yen excluding tax.

The product contains matcha tea leaves which consist of healthy nutrients such as vitamins, minerals, theanine, and catechins. Matcha, a popular superfood in both Japan and overseas has been widely used in the beauty industry for centuries and is believed to have antioxidant, antibacterial and relaxation effects.

The Matcha de Beautiful Skin Mask uses 100% organic tea leaves cultivated under the strict management of Kyoto’s traditional matcha producer, Uji Matcha. The use of the powder provides moisture and clarity to the skin.

Alongside matcha, the mask utilizes fermented ingredients. Fermentation has been deeply rooted in the Japanese beauty industry for centuries. Focusing on the power of fermentation, the Matcha de Beautiful skin mask blends five different fermented ingredients. The fermented ingredients within the product are fermented rice milk, fermented soy milk, fermented collagen, yogurt and fermented fruit juice extracts. These ingredients react with the healthy bacteria present in the skin to adjust the balance, keep the skin healthy, and promotes smooth skin.

Aimed at women in their 20’s looking for early aging care, the mask is covered with a thick sheet of concentrated serum that focuses on promoting beautiful, plump and healthy skin. The product is well suited to busy women as the serum does not drip, and the mask, when fitted correctly to the face will not fall off. Individually wrapped in hygienic packaging, the masks are ideal for sharing with friends, using whilst travelling and as a small gift.

For those who want further skin care, it is recommended to use the Matcha de beautiful skin mask alongside the Rinse face pack. The rinse removes dull skin, whilst the matcha de beautiful skin mask balances and moisturizes the skin.

For the best results, use the mask once or twice a week. To use, lightly rub the mask packaging with both hands so as to spread the serum across the mask. After taking the mask from the bag, spread it out and align the eyes and mouth to fit the entire face. Leave the mask for 5 minutes, afterwhich remove and massage the remaining serum to the face.

About Luxurious Bihado™

“By using the the forces of nature, individuals can shine too.”

Luxurious Bihado™ is a cosmetics brand that uses plant based ingredients and recipes from ancient Japan.

The brand simply researches what ingredients are truly good for women, focusing on safety, security and locality, ensuring that all products are made in Japan. Luxurious Bihada™ supports healthy, dignified and beautiful female skin.

Where to buy

The Luxury Bihada™ Matcha de Beautiful Skin face mask will be available to buy in a pre-sale event at cosmetic counters in participating Tokyu Hands stores from Thursday March 12, 2020.

From Thursday March 19, 2020, the masks will become available on the Mindwave online store.

The product will become available to purchase at general stores and variety shops nationwide from Thursday April 23,2020.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.