Source: PR Times

Sega releases Corned Beef and Cheese Taiyaki in Japan

Taiyaki are Japanese fish-shaped pastries (designed to look like a sea bream) that are usually filled with red bean paste, but modern varieties include custard, chocolate, ice cream, and even salted watermelon. Those looking for a more hearty option of the popular fish-shaped cakes are getting some help from an unexpected source, however, as Sega arcade centers in Akihabara and Ikebukuro will soon be offering Corned Beef and Melted Cheese taiyaki treats.

From March 27th to April 6th, Sega game centers will be selling taiyaki stuffed with Nozaki (a popular canned corned beef maker in Japan) corned beef with gooey melted cheese as a meaty spin on the classic Japanese pastry. A traditional taiyaki shaped version will be available at the Ikebukuro location, and a Sega logo taiyaki will be sold at the Akihabara location.

If you're one of the first 15 customers on any day it's available, you'll also be gifted a Nozaki Corned Beef pen.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.