“Everyone can enjoy the taste of Matcha beer with all new non-alcoholic UJICHA STYLES Matcha Beer Base.”

The new alcohol free Uji Matcha Beer Base makes it easy for anyone, alcohol lover or not, to enjoy the taste of authentic Uji Matcha Beer from long established tea wholesaler, Hekisuien Co. Ltd.

For over 150 years since its founding in 1867, Hekisuien has manufactured and sold Uji tea, and has specialized in using high quality matcha to create the perfect matcha beer. Hekisuien has now upped their game and are unleashing a new non-alcoholic matcha beer base, the UJICHA STYLES Matcha Beer Base, which can be enjoyed by itself or used as a drinks mixer.

Sales of the new drink began on Saturday February 27, 2020 at Hekisuien’s wholesale website and at their liquor retail stores in Kyoto. The company has high hopes that the drink will be a hit and is considering selling across more regions in the future.

UJICHA STYLES pursues the full potential of Uji tea and has made the perfect base for matcha beer. Committed to the phrase “Kyoto brand = High Quality”, the company uses a high quality matcha that best replicates the taste of Uji tea.

A non-alcoholic beer, UJICHA STYLES Matcha Beer Base can easily be enjoyed by anyone.

After receiving a lot of requests from restaurants for a product that can be used to make matcha beer more easily, Hekisuien made it their mission to create the perfect matcha beer base.

A lot of complaints from restaurants centered around the difficulty of dissolving matcha tea powder and the final mixed product foaming up when poured. Requests from consumers asked for a more genuine Uji matcha taste to the drink.

With these expectations in mind, Hekisuien developed the new liquid matcha drinks mixer. Through trial and error, their Tea Masters worked on the drink, which at times was too sweet, too bitter or too weak. Finally, they succeeded, and have completed the production of an authentic flavoured and textured Uji matcha drinks mixer.

To create the perfect Matcha beer, gently mix 30ml of UJICHA STYLE Matcha Beer Base with a beer of your choice. The mixer can also be enjoyed by itself, making it perfect for those on a non alcohol diet.

Pick up your own bottle of UJICHA STYLE Matcha Beer Base for 1,600円 at any Kyoto Hekisuien liquor store or at their website.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.