So far 2020 has been a good year for anime-inspired clothing, if not much else. We’ve been treated to a Pokemon and Adidas collaboration, and SPINNS’ take on Creamy Mami hit the stores too, as well as others. Now jumping into the fray is another sportswear brand, Kappa, teaming up with landmark anime series One Piece, for a ‘capsule collection’ of clothing.

The designs riff on Kappa’s well-known ‘Omini’ logo which shows two figures, a man and a woman, sitting back to back. In the One Piece-inspired reimagining of the classic design, the main character Luffy is sitting in the same style along with various other famous faces from the series.

There’s two hoodies (8900 yen plus tax) available in several colours. The design showing Luffy and Shanks can be copped in white, black or red.

The Luffy and Ace version is available in the same colours, but Kappa have played with the design a bit. This time the sitting characters can be found on the back of the hoodie, with One Piece’s ‘to be continued’ screen recreated on the front.

In terms of t-shirts (5400 yen plus tax), Luffy and Shanks can be seen again, on a white, black or red tee.

Luffy and Zoro’s Omini logo is available on a white, black or green t-shirt.

Luffy can also be found chilling with Nami on a white, black or orange logo shirt.

Lastly, the Omini logo has been redesigned to include Luffy and Sanji, in white, black or yellow.

The tags included in this ‘capsule collection’ can also be reused as a bookmark.

These One Piece inspired threads can be found on Kappa Japan's online store or at various retailers listed here.

By - Jess.