Ezaki Glico's Papico ice cream has been a kids' favorite since 1974. Whether it's the form factor of squeezable plastic tubes which make them easy to eat and carry around, the fact that they come in pairs which you snap apart and have snap-off plastic caps, or the fact that they come in a range of popular flavors, Papico has won over fans among kids as well as adults.

Now, a new range of flavors from Papico lets you get your fill of veggies too, no matter how old you are.

Introducing PapiVege

The concept behind PapiVege パピベジ is to provide a healthy and delicious new way of getting your daily dose of vegetables in a familiar format.

Each package (two tubes) has 62 grams of vegetables, which corresponds to the amount missing from the average Japanese adult's daily vegetable intake of 288 grams (as of 2017) when compared to the recommended amount of 350 grams, as established by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.


PapiVege comes in two flavors: Apple and Carrot, and Kiwi and Green Vegetables

Apple and Carrot

The Apple and Carrot flavor features 23 fruits and vegetables in addition to the main ingredients.

Kiwi and Green Vegetables

The Kiwi and Green Vegetables flavor features 24 fruits and vegetables.

Product Information

  • Content: 90 ml (45 ml x 2)
  • Price: open price
  • On sale from: March 30th, 2020
  • Availability: Stores with freezer sections all over Japan
  • PapiVege Website

Promotional Campaign

You'll be entered into a lottery for a chance to win one of two PapiVege plush toys or a pouch if you submit proof of purchases as follows:

  • 5 POPs: 200 will be chosen to win a 45 cm diameter plushie
  • 1 POP: 500 will be chosen to win a round pouch.

Details are on the website.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.