Japan's host clubs have an established give and take system between host and patron--hosts use a combination of their hospitality, looks, and personal skills to make a woman feel appreciated and she spends more time--and money--on staying at the club being entertained and buying drinks. Depending on the guest, a visit to a host club can be just a fun night, a form of therapy, or and endless game of romantic cat and mouse. Regardless of what a patron is looking for, one of the most sought after hosts in the business is Roland, whose popularity and top earnings have won him the nickname "King of Hosts."

In the past couple of years, Roland has surged from a simply successful host to celebrity status in Japan, appearing on television as somewhat of a romantic life advice specialist, a brand spokesman, and even opening up his own museum exhibition. His rise to fame is rooted in legends of his earnings--reportedly 42 million yen ($379,764 USD) per month on a good streak, and a "host club record breaking" 10 million yen ($90,440 USD) in a few hours on his birthday.

On his YouTube channel, Roland recently shared the morning routine he follows before getting ready to set out for a night of earnings. Since Roland doesn't actually work until the evening, his mornings are quite free--but he doesn't appear to rest much. Instead, he has an extensive workout and skincare routine, but also certain eccentricities such as keeping a 24 hour loop of atmospheric videos, refusing to use toothbrushes he has used before (he uses disposable ones, saying "I don't want to suck on a candy I sucked on the day before!), and locking his phone from 3AM-3PM.

Will any of the tips in the video transform you into a legendary host like Roland? Probably not without some surgical help, as Roland supposedly spends a couple hundred thousand yen to regularly cosmetically touch up his face. But hey, you can try and mimic the other parts--after a night of boozing.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.