It seems like there is no anime character popular Japanese cosplayer Rei (@Rei_Dunois) can't handle. One look at Rei's take on controversial brothel review anime Interspecies Reviewers will show you that.

Rei isn't just popular for character cosplays, but makeup techniques and hair-styling as well.

Fans of Rei were recently shocked, however, to learn that the busty anime lifelike cosplayer is actually--a mustached handsome man! Rei posted the following Tweet saying "Now this is a transformation."

If you're still stunned, just have a listen at Rei's voice.

For those puzzled by Rei's non-cosplay form and modeled physique, the below Tweet shows how the amazing cosplayer makes use of a rubber suit to reproduce characters.

Rei's cosplay is so good it's even got fan art!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.