For people with a sweet tooth, one of the best parts about living in Tokyo or another major Japanese city, is the wealth of trendy cafes with delicious and beautifully presented desserts. Case in point, 'the 5 most Instagrammable desserts in Harajuku', or for those with hankering for green tea, 'the best matcha and other green tea desserts in Tokyo'.

But with the current events, casually popping into a cafe has become inadvisable and staying at home is the smart choice for us responsible citizens. But that doesn’t mean we have to give up on our matcha desserts.

Next time you pick up some essentials from the convenience store, check out 7-Eleven’s chilled goods section to find a range of four new green tea desserts, crafted with finest matcha from Kyoto’s tea paradise Uji. These sweets have been made in collaboration with Itohkyuemon, a green tea specialist store founded in Kyoto in 1832.

The lineup has been brought out especially for spring, so you can enjoy some affordable seasonal delicacies from the comfort of your own home.

There’s an Uji matcha shu cream (cream puff) for 138 yen plus tax.

For an especially spring-themed treat there’s the Uji matcha and sakura parfait for 308 yen plus tax.

For those after a traditional dessert there’s Uji matcha warabi mochi with matcha syrup (168 yen plus tax)

Or you can try out the Uji matcha pudding (230 yen plus tax).

These desserts can be found in 7-Elevens across Japan (excluding Okinawa).

By - Jess.