Cold Stone Creamery churn up and churn out delicious ice cream collaborations for their customers every year, like last December’s Sanrio pastel themed dessert. This Spring, Cold Stone is teaming up with San X’s Rilakkuma to create the ultimate mixture of cream and cuteness with a new line of limited edition sweets.

Starting March 26, three new Rilakkuma themed items will be added to the menu, each based on the theme of “A lot of fruits ice cream makes Rilakkuma happy too”. Customers can indulge in Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori themed adorable desserts abundant with seasonal fruit flavors and animal characters. Check them out below!

Rilakkuma Mixed Fruit Ice Cream with Blueberry and Strawberry

Combining mixed fruits ice cream with juicy blueberries and strawberries, and topped with apple and a Rilakkuma Macaroon! This dessert looks like Rilakkuma is lounging atop his creamy mountain of fruit.

Price: ¥900 (plus tax)

Korilakkuma Pink Peach Ice Cream with Strawberry and Pear

This dessert combines everything Korilakkuma loves: sweet pink peach ice cream, fresh strawberries and pear, and a generous topping of pancakes with whipped cream. The Korilakkuma macaroon perched on top will give you paws to enjoy the adorable design before you take the first satisfying bite.

Price: ¥800 (plus tax)

Kiiroitori Mango & Lemon Frozen Drink with Cheesecake Ice Cream

This frozen drink epitomizes Kiiroitori! It has a vibrant mango and lemon base, topped with cheesecake ice cream, chunks of juicy mango and a Kiiroitori macaroon. It will keep you cool and kawaii while sipping it under the cherry blossoms.

Price: ¥800 (plus tax)

About Rilakkuma

Rilakkuma and pals are a series of characters created by San X, a Japanese character company. The name Rilakkuma combines relax and kuma, the Japanese word for bear. Rilakkuma is a bear who is always free of cares and worries. The character is enjoyed by people of all ages, from cuteness obsessed school children through to overworked salarymen and women who feel relaxed when they see Rilakkuma. With the Cold Stone desserts, now you can chill with the sweet bear and scrumptious sweet ice cream!

Details of the collaboration

The new desserts go on sale in all Cold Stone Creamery stores in Japan from:

  • Sales period: March 26 (Thu)-April 30 (Wed), 2020*

* or while stock lasts

By - Toby M.