Bamboo Forest Co. Ltd. has announced an all new zoo glamping facility "The Bamboo Forest", is to open next to Sayuri World Zoo, on Saturday March 28, 2020 in Ichihara, Chiba.

The Bamboo Forest is an animal glamping facility that offers a new unique way of experiencing and enjoying zoos.

Guests have the choice to stay in a wild treehouse perfect for pleasing venturesome children, a glamping dome tent which comes with comfort in mind or in a stylish and modern Lotus Bell tent.

A BBQ can be provided for dinner which uses fresh local ingredients. Furthermore, guests can spend time at the sites cafe & bar, as well as experience feeding some of the animals before the zoo opens.

Chris Given CC by 2.0/ Original Image

The zoo offers the following types of accommodation:

  • Tree house lodge - sleeps 3 people
  • Dome tent - sleeps 4 people
  • Lotus bell tent (similar to a yurt) - sleeps 4 people

In addition to the adventurous accommodation, the venue has a cafe & bar, shower rooms, and toilet facilities. The cafe & bar offers a welcoming atmosphere and warm western styled dishes such as pasta and curry rice that can also be taken out. The cafe opens from 11am until 5pm and the bar is open from 8pm to 9:30pm.

For an additional price, guests can enjoy a full-body massage and/or “Giraffe and Breakfast”— a feeding experience that happens before the zoo opens.

Accommodation fee (including tax and service charge):

Tree house

  • Weekday - 38,000 円
  • Weekend and Public Holidays - 52,000 円
  • Golden Week and Holiday Season - 60,000 円

Dome Tent and Lotus Bell Tent

  • Weekday - 33,000 円
  • Weekend and Public Holidays - 45,000 円
  • Golden Week and Holiday Season - 54,000 円

Adults - 10,000 円 Children - 5,000 円

Optional additions Giraffe and Breakfast - adults 2,000 円, children 1,000 円 Full Body Massage - check The Bamboo Forest website for details

To book your stay at The Bamboo Forest, click here. The Bamboo Forest is located a short 5 minute drive from Ichihara Tsurumai IC, next to Sayuri World Zoo and Ichihara Elephant Country.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.