Honey the Dwarf Lop Rabbit. Photo by Georgia Holvey

An easter photography event exhibiting photos of rabbits, with a large focus on their cute noses and tails will be held at the Narita Dream Dairy Farm in Chiba Prefecture from Friday March 20 to Sunday April 19 2020.

The photography event will be in its third year running, having started in 2018 with a super popular easter event that mainly focused on rabbit tails. This year, the exhibition will include images of rabbit noses, which we’re sure any can agree are adorable.

The event features photos of the farms own resident rabbits and will go ahead in a space set up to look like a photo gallery, complete with panels and staff to explain each piece. The display has been curated and designed in cooperation with all of the employees at the Narita Dream Dairy Farm, who have each shared their opinions and ideas on how the exhibit should go ahead.

Event Details

Name: Rabbit Photo Exhibition - Bunny butts or sniffer, which do you prefer? When: Friday March 20 - Sunday April 19 Where: Narita Dream Dairy Farm Glass House exhibition room 730 Nagi, Narita-City, Chiba Prefecture, 289-0111 Price: Free, however, tickets to Narita Dream Dairy Farm must be purchased.

So, are you Team Butt or Team Sniffer?

By - Connie Sceaphierde.