As COVID-19 makes mincemeat out of the economy, struggling restaurants are left with one weapon with which to win over customers: innovation. Shibuya based Izakaya, Zaraku, is leading the pack in this respect with a “567円 Corona” all you can eat buffet. The price is insanely good value, but also numbers 5-6-7 can be read as Ko-ro-na, コロナ in Japanese, making the price a clever pun on the word Corona. Zaraku is clearly hoping that at times like this, good food and a dash of wit is as good a medicine as any.

At present, the food service industry in Japan is facing difficult business conditions and many restaurants fear bankruptcy as reluctant customers refuse to eat out during a pandemic. Parent company of Zaraku - MUZEN, apparently proposed the 567円 menu as a means of keeping the doors open in such difficult times. According to a store sign advertising the menu, the restaurant hopes the bargain price for all you can eat tuna will once again attract customers so they can enjoy lively, fun times with colleagues, friends and partners.

With the 567円 menu customers can enjoy “Owase Chewy Tuna”, 尾鷲産もちもちマグロ, which is frozen using a special process that means once defrosted, the raw tuna retains a pleasantly chewy texture. The question remains, is Zaraku’s lure of exclusive cuts of bargain priced tuna too good for cautious customers not to bite?”

Restaurant Details

  • Name: Zaraku Shibuya Station Square Store
  • URL (Gurunavi listing)
  • Phone number: 050-3476-7983
  • Street address: 25150-0002 1-25-6 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Shibuya Parkside Kyodo

(Editor's note: This deal was announced on March 20th, 2020)

By - Toby M.