Speciality tea company, TP TEA, has announced the arrival of their spring season Tapioca Strawberry Latte drink. The drink will make its appearance on TP TEA menus from Wednesday April 1 until Sunday May 10, however, it will be available to pre order on the Suma Tapi app from Wednesday March 25. In addition to the Tapioca Strawberry Latte, TP TEA will also be releasing a regular Strawberry Latte without tapioca pearls.

The spring season special tapioca drink is made with a blend of carefully selected tea leaves, jasmine tea and strawberries. To complete the beverage, TP TEA adds fluffy milk foam and their especially soft tapioca pearls. TP TEA’s Tapioca Strawberry Latte and regular Strawberry Latte are the perfect accompaniment to enjoy spring 2020.

The drinks will be available for pre order at TP TEA stores nationwide on the Suma Tapi App from March 25. The Tapioca Strawberry Latte will be available for purchase at 650 yen and the Strawberry Latte at 580 yen.

Suma Tapi is the first mobile order system in the tapioca tea industry. Orders of your favourite beverages can simply be placed on a smartphone or computer at a minimum of 15 minutes in advance. Orders can be paid by credit card through the application.

TP TEA is a take out speciality tea store specialising in the sale of tapioca milk tea. The first store opened in Taiwan back in 1983 and has been focused on the development of it’s products over the past 35 years. TP TEA has 250 stores in Taiwan and now has international branches located in Hong Kong, Singapore, California as well as 8 stores in Japan.

TP TEA’s drinks menu is made of more than 50 different kinds of tea beverages which use high quality tea leaves and tapioca. Speciality drinks often appear on the menu such as their Latte series, Tapioca Milk Tea series and the Tapioca Matcha Latte which is only available at TP TEA stores in Japan.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.