iBloom's Nyan Pancake squishy toy series is an adorable cat-shaped toy with a bread scent which has a very satisfying soft squishy feel. When they are fully squashed, it takes them a little while to regain their shape, which adds to the cuteness. You can see for yourself in the video below.

A very popular series sold since 2017, the Nyan Pancake toys are geared towards little girls but are also enjoyed by all ages.

Now, the Nyan Pancake squishy toy is getting a makeover which makes it even more appealing for fans of Japanese culture and food.

Nyan Pancake "Fuwafuwa Takoyaki"

The Nyan Pancake cat now has taken on the appearance of a piping-hot ball of takoyaki.

For those who don't know, takoyaki たこ焼き are ball-shaped snacks made of a wheat flour-based batter and filled with minced or diced octopus, cooked in a special mold, and typically served brushed with a tangy Worcesteshire-like sauce, topped with dried bonito shavings, flakes of nori seaweed and mayonnaise. Although they can be found all over Japan and often sold from street stalls, they originated in Osaka and are one of the most famous popular dishes of the Kansai region.

This takoyaki Nyan Pancake comes in a plain and pink version. Although it would be nice if it also smelled like takoyaki, it has the same bread scent as the original Butter Nyan Pancake, and the pink version smells the same as the original Strawberry Nyan Pancake. (The Chocolate Nyan Pancake is absent from the takoyaki series.) See the Nyan Pancake series at the Mooosh online store here.

You can also buy the pair in a boxed set:

Product Information

  • Price: JPY 1,530 (excl. tax) (MSRP)
  • On sale from early April at stores throughout Japan
  • (Approximate) dimensions: Height 13.5 cm (5.3"), Width 18.5 cm (7.3"), Depth 6 cm (2.4")

By - Ben K.