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Most delicious Japanese Snacks to Buy this year if you are coming to Japan

Japan is well-known for its variety of snacks and if you enter a supermarket you will most probably see a whole corner dedicated only to Okashi(snacks); some with normal flavors, some with a touch of “WA”, others a bit different from what we are normally used to see, but delicious and exciting to try out.

Japan has lots of unique flavors you can choose from and entering a supermarket in search of sweets and snacks can become a total adventure.

However, I would like to introduce you a few of my favorite picks that are very popular among Japanese and also sought by many tourists along with a few interesting ones that will make a great souvenir, the perfect “Dokkiri” (pranks) or “Batsu Game” (penalty games). From matcha flavors to natto and wasabi ones, here is our top ranking:

1. Uma Kara Nori Chips

The seaweed, more exactly nori chips are a healthy option of snacks, super affordable and very crispy. You can find different types and quite a few flavors such as Goma(sesame), ume (pickled plum) or my favorite, Uma Kara Nori Chips (delicious spicy nori chips). The Uma Kara nori chips are good for rice balls, with a beer or just to snack on it while watching a movie. Recently, I prefer choosing the nori chips instead of the traditional popcorn while doing my work or watching Netflix.

2. Calbee Nori Shio and Cheese Potato Chips

I knew about the various flavors of Potato Chips Calbee has and used to buy Nori Shio (Salty Nori) a lot. However, when I entered a Seven-Eleven recently, I discovered the version with Cheese in it and chose to give it a try. I don’t regret my decision at all since it tasted amazing!

3. Kanro Natto Puchipori Snack

Nothing is more Japanese than natto. Natto (fermented beans) are loved by Japanese people, but not so much by foreigners because of their smell and sticky texture. Because natto is so popular in Japan, snacks such as Kanro Natto Puchipori have appeared and I think that even if you are not a fan of natto, you might like this one.

4. Cheese almond Wasabi flavor

Wasabi flavor is a thing in Japan and you can even find wasabi flavor Kit-Kats! The cheese almond wasabi flavor snacks are the perfect combination for a good Sapporo Beer.

5. Kit -Kat

I feel that there’s no need to even say something regarding Kit-Kat in Japan. We all know that Japan is famous for the many flavors they have and Kit- Kat has lots! Sakura, wasabi, matcha, chocolate, strawberry…Your pick.

6. Umaibo

Umaibo is a popular snack with various flavors and probably the cheapest one you’ll find out there. Kids love this snack and so do adults because it feels nostalgic eating an Umaibo now and then.

7. Calbee Jagariko

Calbee Jagariko has quite a few flavors, but my favorite is the salad one (comes with a green package). I tried eating the fresh Jagariko at the Chitose airport in Sapporo and the potatoes are soft and flavorful, so I recommend trying it out!

8. Pocky

Pocky is one of the Japanese snacks foreigners simply love. In Japan, there is even a Pocky Day and during Valentines, you can find many types of Pocky with heart-shaped sticks.

Same as Pocky, Meiji Kinoko no Yama and Takenoko no Sato are again some of the many popular sweets snacks you can get everywhere in Japan.

9. Mentai Cheese Okaki

I bought this from Iinumahonke (“Shisui Magariya”), a store offering sake, in Chiba, but you can also find it online. The creamy cheese, crispy texture and the spiciness of the mentaiko is the perfect combination ever.

10. Chorogi snacks

Muraoka’s Chorogi is one snack that you either like or hate. It tastes like pickles and love and looks a bit weird and many people I know don’t even want to try it out due to its shape and strong smell.

Chorogi is Chinese artichoke, but Japanese usually color with red shiso or ume vinegar and pickle the chorogi with salt. I think it looks cute and unique and also tastes delicious.

Similar to Chorogi is also KariKari Ume, so you should give it a try.

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