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Introducing the Top 5 Beautiful Na no Hana Yellow Fields in Kanto Japan

Vividly yellow-painted elegant flowers can be seen from Mid-February to May across the Kanto area and the beautiful shades of yellow will fill your hearts with joy at the beginning of the long-awaited spring season. In Kanto, you can see the rapeseed, known in Japanese as Na no Hana (菜の花)blossom fields and below I will introduce you 5 of the top spots you can visit while in Japan:

Kasai Rinkai Koen in Tokyo

Kasai Rinkai Park is a quiet place situated in Tokyo, one station away from Maihama, where the famous Tokyo Disneyland is situated. You can enjoy the stunning view of about 100,000 rapeseed flowers, take a long walk around its surroundings and even ride the Ferris wheel.

Tokyo Park Association Website


Mother Farm (Mother Bokujo) in Chiba

There are a lot of things you can do at the Mother Bokujo in Chiba besides enjoying the surroundings, flowers and fresh air. During spring, you can see an impressive number of not only rapeseed blossoms, but also plum trees and many other beautiful flowers.

You can even have barbecues, play with the animals, drink fresh milk and take lots of instagrammable photos while there because the area is so large and there are so many interesting activities you can try out that a day is not even enough.

Mother Farm Official Website


Gongendo park in Saitama Prefecture

In Gongendo park, during spring season you will discover a beautiful collaboration between the sakura trees and canola flowers and a very peaceful atmosphere surrounding the park. Making a bento and enjoying it while looking at the view will make your day a very relaxing one and your trip worthwhile.

Official Website


Showa Kinen Park in Tokyo

In Showa Kinen Park you will discover a huge Yoshino Sakura Tree standing tall in the vast field of rapeseed flowers surrounding it. It is a very tranquil place and a great spot to take pictures.


5. Azumayama Park in Kanagawa

Situated in Ninomiya Town, on the top of a 136.2 m high mountain, Azumayama Park has over 60,000 canola flowers that start blooming as early as January. During nice weather, you will have a pleasant surprise seeing Mt.Fuji in the background making a stunning panoramic view together with the yellow fields. There are many facilities in the area and lots of things to see and do, so anyone can enjoy it.

Ninomiya Town Homepage


These are our top 5 recommendations to see canola fields in Kanto and if you get the chance to visit the places while here, remember to take lots of pictures and share your experience with us.

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