Japan’s traditional miso soup has grown in popularity overseas as well due to its gentle and delicious flavor.

Many people in Japan still drink miso soup in the morning, some even do it during every meal of the day.

A few of my Japanese friends recommend to drink it after hangovers or simply when you feel a bit exhausted to gain more energy, as it’s easy on your stomach, but enough to get your forces back.

According to a research of popular miso ingredients nationwide made by “RECEIPO”, Japanese voted for their favorite ingredients to put in their soup and here I want to share the ranking with you.

A bowl of home-cooked miso soup is by no mistake the tastiest choice you can make, but what ingredients do people usually opt for in Japan? What kind of miso soup are they choosing for their meal and what are the indispensable ingredients, Japanese love, to have in their soup?

Below I will be answering those questions and announce the top 5 spots and ranking of most loved miso soup:

5. Radish (Daikon)

I honestly thought that Daikon will place either second or at least, third as it is a very popular vegetable here in Japan, but it came in fifth, so I was really surprised. If the overwhelmingly popular radish stopped at the 5th place, I wonder what will be at the top?

4. Abura-age (deep-fried tofu pouch)

The fourth place was occupied by abura-age. I believe that the texture and oily texture might be one of the reasons why it is so popular as an ingredient. Because the miso soup usually has lots of greens inside, many might prefer having a balance by adding some abura-age as the main ingredient.

3. Green Onion (Negi)

I would’ve ranked Negi as a top ingredient because of its excellent compatibility with miso soup and the delicious fresh flavor and crisp texture Negi has. I love drinking it in the mornings and there’s no wonder it has a spot in the top 5.

2. Wakame

Wakame goes well with anything and we all know Japanese love all kinds of seaweed. Actually, wakame is one of the types loved not only in Japan but worldwide.

1. Tofu

It seems that Tofu occupies the first place and I can’t agree more! Not only is it easy to make miso soup with tofu as the main ingredient, but it also tastes great and is compatible with anything!

Now, for the rest 5 ingredients that couldn’t occupy a spot in the top 5, but are still loved by everyone, I will announce it below:

6. Potatoes

7. Onion

8. Nameko

9. Shijimi

10. Clams

I believe that for these 5 ingredients it takes a bit more time for preparing and due to their texture, not so many voted for them.

I love all the kinds of miso soup and recommend shijimi for hangovers and for those times when you feel super tired.

Here was the ranking of the most beloved miso soup and would love to know your ranking and opinions, so please share it with us.

By - cinnamonellie.