When you think of Tokyo, the word relaxing hardly comes to mind and most people always seem to be in a hurry. In Tokyo, places are most of the time crowded and it can be difficult to enjoy something in silence and have a little privacy for yourself or as a couple.

Last year, I happened to get two tickets to celebrate a special event in my life and I got the opportunity to choose from a couple of activities I want to try out. Scrolling through the options available nearby my house, I found this place situated in Omotesando, called Saideigama that I instantly fell in love with.

I firstly didn’t know what to expect, but the thought of trying out to make something myself and experiencing ceramic arts attracted me immediately.

Omotesando is quite a busy place, but has lots of secret places around and can be a whole adventure exploring it and even though I’ve been there a couple of times, it was my first time going or trying out this beautiful art.

I made a reservation online, checking the option of getting work clothes so our attire won’t get too messy and excitedly waited for the appointment day.

When it finally came, I chose a few clothes easy to move in (I advise you to wear pants instead of skirts or dresses), took the tickets and headed to the studio.

I am fortunate enough to know Japanese, so I wasn’t worried about the language barrier, however for those of you who don’t understand it well, don’t worry as the staff is English friendly and there is someone to explain everything in English, too.

When I got to the shop, a few other people were waiting in line.

The room was spacious, had tatami seating and felt warm and cozy. It looked traditional and had this earthy pleasant smell of the clay, mixed with the smell of tatami, surrounding the whole studio.

I was the only foreigner among the attendees, so I was asked if I need a translator. I politely declined as I am familiar enough with Japanese and I had enough confidence I can understand, and then, a small tour around the shop started.

After “attendance”, Mr. Taku Nakano, the owner of the place and also a very famous ceramist, appeared in front of us. Just a glance at Mr. Nakano and you will know he’s the real deal.

He has this artist aura surrounding him and hearing his story will make you realize he is indeed someone who worked hard and has lots of experience behind, but also a lot of skill.

He took us on a tour around his studio and explained in detail his work, the history of how everything started and a couple more things to know about ceramics and the room’s rules.

He usually stays in the backroom and he started by showing us the many displays, art, and ceramics made by him while explaining his concept.

He mainly focuses on Astro and Romantic as mentioned on his Official Website, too and has great inspiration from nature and universe, itself.

He told us that he learned from mistakes and experimenting and he didn’t particularly have someone who taught him, neither did he come from a potter’s family, so he is self-taught.

His creations have a mysterious charm that attracts you as soon as you see it and all looked so beautiful, I was at a loss of words. Looking at his art, I was able to enter his world and I got this desire to share it with the worlds so that more people would discover its beauty.

After the small tour, we got our work clothes on and were told where to sit after two of the instructors came in. Our instructor started by explaining the basics and demonstrating while doing so, then she gave us the baton and we started trying it ourselves.

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We had about 3 tries each and she kindly explained and helped us during the whole process of shaping our ideas and art. We could choose from bowls, cups, plates and I decided to make two cups and try out a bowl, but unfortunately, the bowl didn’t turn out too well.

From the three creations, I chose one that turned out better than the rest and also picked a color from one of the lists she gave us. I went with a darker green, similar to emerald green and also added the shop on the Line Application.

The thing is that if you are looking for a souvenir to take right away and want to make it yourself, it might be a little difficult.

You usually need to wait around one month to take your work because it takes a while for it to be finished. Keep in mind you might need to pay for shipping if you won’t be able to come and pick it up from the studio.

A month after I made the cup, I got a message from the Saideigama studio with my number and last name and went to get my cup from them. They packed it nicely so it would also be safe after I looked at it and I was able to take it home, now using it for tea and coffee.

You will need a reservation in advance to try out making ceramic art, but for picking up you can come without one.

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I am incredibly happy and proud of the result and being able to create something, see it taking shape and being able to use it every day is such an amazing and precious feeling and experience that I recommend to you all.

If you are looking for a great place, I recommend Saideigama because everyone is super friendly and the atmosphere is so relaxing and nice and made me think that I want to begin actual pottery courses there and become better at it.

Saideigama Official Website

Taku Nakano Official Website

Taku Nakano Instagram Page


By - cinnamonellie.