If the name doooo (@44doooo) rings a bell (or makes you shudder in fear), it's likely because you remember the DJ and Producer as the mysterious creator of an awesome but nightmare-inducing "Human Flesh Coin Purse" that is bound to make your skin crawl. Here's a quick refresher on his creepy cool talents.

Just when you thought the idea of a moving human mouth purse that coughs up coins couldn't be topped in terms of surreal, check out doooo's latest macabre creation: a human flesh dice with an eye that's always watching you.

The Necronomicon-esque device looks like it would fit right in the Silent Hill series as a terrifying enemy, but one has to admire the artistic effort put into it--with a super realistic fleshy texture, winking eye as a one, and what appear to be moles to represent the other digits.

Of course, the fleshy-goods crafting DJ has more than one such peculiar work. In the past he's created "human flesh" stamps, chargers, phone cases--and even covered his soundboard in it.

For more awesome and bizarre fleshy creations, be sure to check out doooo on Twitter and Instagram! His official website also has some purchase information available.

By - Big Neko.