Japanese animation powerhouse Studio Ghibli has given us many moving moments throughout their back catalogue of beloved films, and items inspired by these scenes can make a touching gift for any occasion.

For example, Japan’s Ghibli merchandise wonderland, Donguri Republic (Donguri Kyowakoku) stock all manner of products released especially for those particular times of year. Coming up to Mother’s Day in Japan, the store has already announced an awesome delivery service consisting of a character-themed flower pot and card. Now they’re also bringing back a firm favourite, perfect for an anime-loving mum.

The gift itself, which has been sold in previous years by the retailer, is in reference to one of the most memorable displays of filial love in a Ghibli animation. In My Neighbour Totoro, Mei sets off clutching an ear of corn for her mother who is sick in hospital. Despite getting lost and even having to defend her precious gift from a goat, she carefully guards it. Eventually after being rescued by Totoro and Satsuki, the two sisters quietly place the corn on the hospital room's window sill for their mother to find.

It’s the perfect emotional scene to evoke for Mother’s Day, which is why the precious corn has been used as the inspiration for a special gift set (2727 yen plus tax).

Just like in the film, the corn has ‘to mother’ inscribed on it, and is full size so you can carry it in your arms just like Mei. The wrap contains a Totoro handkerchief and a lunch bag, both with an adorable Totoro and vegetable pattern.

Also as summer approaches, the store are thoughtfully releasing products during April to appeal to mothers who want to limit their sun exposure. Firstly, some UV protection creams in beautifully designed tins inspired by Whisper of the Heart and Kiki’s Delivery Service (2300 yen plus tax).

As well as arm cover-ups with characters on each arm from the same movies as the cream (2500 yen plus tax).

Mother’s Day will fall on 10th May and the Totoro corn gift set will go on sale from around the end of April, both online and in store.

If corn isn't really your mum's thing and you need even more gift ideas, how about original Studio Ghibli inspired tea leaf blends?

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By - Jess.