Despite first appearing in the country a while ago, in recent years boba (known simply as 'tapioca') has been experiencing an undeniable boom with new shops touting the Taiwanese import popping up constantly in Japanese major cities. The only thing that could make these Instagrammable beverages more appealing is a pink seasonal touch, and bubble tea chain Pearl Lady Cha Bar have been working to make that happen.

As a special springtime treat, the boba stand is offering a sakura flavour honey oolong tea, which can be enjoyed straight (400 yen), or with added milk to form a latte (420 yen). There’s not only the usual tapioca pearls on offer, as the store offer a range of various toppings, and for this season they’ve brought out a pink-coloured and sakura-flavoured nata de coco.

But the piece de resistance is surely the three-colour dango topping which will be available on the ‘Ohanami Sakura Tea Latte’ (550 yen), a five-layer extravaganza of cherry blossom bubble tea goodness.

Starting at the bottom there’s the classic tapioca pearls, followed by the sakura flavour nata de coco. The main beverage is sakura honey oolong tea latte topped with sakura cream and, finally, the three-colour dango is placed at the pinnacle.

The sakura honey oolong tea is available until 19th April and the extravagant Ohanami Sakura Tea Latte will be available from 1st April onwards. Check out the Pearl Lady Cha Bar website for shop lists and opening information!

By - Jess.