Sailor Moon fans in Japan are never left wanting when it comes to adorably designed cosmetics. There's a whole host of adorable products, based on favourite characters and motifs from the legendary magical girl series. Previously we’ve been treated to Sailor Moon perfume, Sailor Moon lipsticks and Sailor Moon blusher and make up brushes.

After coming for your face and fragrance, now the beloved character is vowing to protect your cuticles too with these gorgeous bottles of scented nail oil inspired by the main protagonist Sailor Moon, as well as Chibi Sailor Moon.

Each oil bottle is based on the character’s design as they appear in Sailor Moon Eternal, which will come out later this year. Sailor Moon’s oil is two tone in blue and yellow just like her skirt, and when applied it releases a refreshing lemon fragrance.

Chibi Sailor Moon’s is in pink and yellow, also based on the character’s skirt colour. For this cute character they’ve gone for a sweet peach scent. Both bottle lid designs showcase recognisable Sailor Scout motifs such as moons, crystals and bows.

The oils contain three especially moisturising ingredients, jojoba oil, rose hip oil and grape seed oil which can easily be absorbed without any stickiness, ensuring the good health of your nails, cuticles and surrounding skin. Thanks Sailor Moon!

The set can be ordered now on Premium Bandai's website, costing 4400 yen, for delivery in September 2020.

By - Jess.