Japan is known for their adorable themed cafes with food and beverages inspired by various cute characters. However due to current events, cafes are out and staying home is very much in.

But the good news is that delicious and cute desserts can also be found to take out and enjoy at home and Sanrio fans will soon be treated to some sweet renderings of Pompompurin. The pudding-dog character will be celebrating his birthday on 16th April so these themed sweets will be available throughout the month.

In collaboration with Pastel Pudding, a dessert shop which specialises in, you guessed it, pudding, an original menu of four different sweets will be available.

For the Pompompurin mini pudding, the store has taken their flagship product, a smooth and creamy pudding topped with whipped cream, and added an adorable Pompompurin face on top.

The fluffy version of the Pompompurin pudding includes caramel cream, caramel sauce and marshmallows with the beret-sporting Pompompurin just vibing.

Those looking for a retro dessert will enjoy the Pompompurin a la mode which comes in an adorable cup adorned with the character. The creamy pudding is decorated with an orange segment and a cherry.

No birthday would be complete without a cake, and Pastel Pudding have got a chiffon cake 15cm in diameter. But you can’t escape the pudding flavour, as the outside is slathered in pudding cream and caramel sauce. The birthday boy himself is relaxing on top.

If you buy some of the puddings they will be given in a special limited edition bag with a super cute illustration.

Pastel Pudding can be found in various cities in Japan, check out their website for a full shop list. The Pompompurin desserts can be grabbed from 1st April until 30th.

By - Jess.