Anime hair famously defies gravity, has a life of its own, and has no respect for whether or not these colours can naturally occur in humans. But then again, how else would we be able to identify the main character?

Demon Slayer is an anime with its fair share of iconic hairstyles, and Premium Bandai have teamed up with Vina, a cosmetics company, to produce Demon Slayer Styling Colour Wax. Although it won’t enable you to get the impossibly thick and long flying locks common to anime, at least you can recreate some of the cool colours seen on the characters’ unorthodox tresses.

You could go for Nezuko’s well-known ochre tips.

Or Kyojuro Rengoku’s fiery hair do.

In fact, the hair colours of seven different characters have been recreated, with no commitment as the wax washes out with warm water and shampoo.

The unique formulation minimises colour transfer and even shows up on dark hair.

Whether for cosplay or just for your everyday fashion, you can have the colourful hair of a demon slayer just for one day!

The wax will be stocked in various retailers in Japan such as Animate, JUMP SHOP and Don Quixote. It will also be available on Premium Bandai’s website from 7th April 2020.

By - Jess.