Japanese oddity retailer Village Vanguard has definitely tried their hand at eccentric masks before, including polygon animal heads and almost terrifyingly realistic anime masks. Now they're opting for a fusing of traditional and modern (or perhaps futuristic?) culture by teaming up with talented mask maker Mito Kurato (@mitragyna) to release mecha-inspired traditional oni masks.

The masks used in the classical Japanese performance art of Noh can often have a spooky quality to them, but Kurato has opted to give a horned oni (Japanese demon) mask a sleek and metallic mecha aesthetic that appears skeletal in parts. The area around the mouth is spaced for proper speaking and they come with seals to add on for customization.

These aren't the only of the talented mask maker's creations available at Village Vanguard, however. Kurato has made a variety of masks crafted to the level of being on display at the Tokyo Mask Festival.

You an find the Mecha Oni masks and more bone mask creations (scroll towards the bottom) at Village Vanguard.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.