With the release of the original Neon Genesis Evangelion anime series on Netflix last year, as well as a new movie coming out later this year, recently we’ve been treated to a few bouts of Evangelion-themed fun. Such as canned coffee featuring the characters, and even a whole buffet of Eva-inspired food.

Now, thanks to X-girl, you can bring your love of the game-changing series to your everyday fashion, especially if your usual clothing choices are made up of 90s throwbacks.

The brand X-girl was co-founded by Kim Gordon, a member of 90s rock band Sonic Youth, which reflects in the grungey style of the clothing. Like X-girl, Neon Genesis Evangelion debuted in the mid-nineties, and something about Evangelion’s retro anime artwork and dark themes makes it the perfect choice for this edgy street fashion

The lineup consists of baggy short-sleeved t-shirts and oversized open collar shirts.

A range of motifs and characters have been picked, there’s even an ode to Misato’s iconic love of beer.

Some look particularly goth, while others look more ironically kawaii like Asuka accompanied by some sparkly rainbow text.

Whether you’re a 90s kid yourself or just enjoying the revival, you can find X-girl’s Evangelion line at branches of X-girl across Japan and X-girl’s online store. Or you can cop these threads at Evangelion Stores (Tokyo-01, Shinjuku, Hakata, Osaka) or Evangelion Store Online. The collection has already been partially released and the rest will come out from mid-April.

By - Jess.