If you're not familiar with talented papercraft artist and Japanese university student Haruki (@02ESyRaez4VhR2l) by name, you may have seen his numerous celebrated works floating around online. The artist has a reputation for turning empty snacks and sweets boxes into super detailed works of art. In the past he's made Pringles cans into stylish boy bands, a box of Chivas Regal into a badass knight, and Final Fantasy-esque airship out of a box of chocolate.

Despite getting national television coverage and even his own museum exhibit, the master artist of empty boxes is as it again. This time Haruki took Pie no Mi, a popular brand of miniature chocolate pie bites (in this case, cream cheese flavor), and turned it into a French pie shop run by squirrels that some commenters say looks like a Studio Ghibli film world.

Source: Haruki

Source: Haruki

As always, Haruki cleverly makes use of every detail on the packaging--turning the chef hat-wearing squirrels into shop staff, and filling their case with pie bit drawings. If you look closely, one of the squirrels is even manning the display glass and calling in customers.

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By - Big Neko.