If you find yourself torn between your love of Pokémon and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba, talented digital artist and cosplayer Jimmy Sparrow has just the remedy for your conflict. The Hawaii-based graphic designer has united the two popular series in a fusion of characters that creatively takes into account color schemes, as well as character traits and aesthetics.

Demon Slayer X Pokémon: Tanjiro and Squirtle (and Gyarados!)

The crossover artwork makes brilliant use of color and expression that makes it seem as if these meshed characters could exist in a series of their own. If you're thinking you would love to decorate your goods with these or own a sample of the artwork yourself--you're in luck! Jimmy Sparrow sells the crossover as high quality waterproof vinyl stickers on his website.

Demon Slayer X Pokémon: Zenitsu and Pikachu

Demon Slayer X Pokémon: Inosuke and Primeape

Demon Slayer X Pokémon: Nezuko and Misdreavus

As you can see, they're very slick!

Be sure to follow Jimmy Sparrow on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for upcoming artwork, and order from his online shop if you want some for yourself.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.