Although taking pictures of beautiful food to post on the internet is often derided as something frivolous, many people derive joy from this simple activity, and some people actually make a living doing it.

So now in a time when going to a cafe is not really advisable, many businesses are thinking of new ways to keep their income going during these rough times, and bring their aesthetically pleasing products to the self-isolators.

A cafe loved by Instagrammers, gmgm in Tokyo, are allowing customers to order some of their dried flower confections and beverages online, and have them delivered, to create a home-cafe experience.

The cafe itself, which can be found in Koenji, is the brainchild of dried flower artist Yui Nana, and they specialise in baked doughnuts, gorgeously decorated with dried flowers. For their online store they will be stocking five of their regular flavours, such as pear and lavender, or earl grey and rose, as well as some special limited time only creations.

To accompany the beautiful doughnuts, there’s also a colour-changing butterfly pea tea which is being given as a free gift to those who order from the online shop before the end of the month. They will also receive some extra dried flowers to set a beautiful table scene at home, either for photos or just to enjoy at the time.

Customers who order over eight items will also receive edible dried flowers, which gmgm suggest turning into some lovely floral ice cubes.

Not just the doughnuts themselves, but the packaging is also artistic enough to make these doughnuts a great gift for any self-isolating loved ones.

The cafe is based in Tokyo, but shipping options are available for all of Japan. Check out the online shop for more information!

By - Jess.