With its rich, satisfying blend of cream, condensed milk and butter, cute shape, and reasonable price, it's not hard to imagine why Ezaki Glico's "Pucchin Pudding" is a kids's favorite, not to mention Japan's best-selling pudding product.

In case you were wondering, the "Pucchin" in the name comes from the sound it makes when you serve it, which you do by placing the container upside down and snapping a little tab, thus releasing its contents perfectly onto your plate or bowl.

Now, in a surprising development, McDonald's Japan is bringing the taste of Pucchin Pudding into a McShake. But how can it be a Pucchin Pudding dessert without the "pucchin" snap and release action?

Acutely aware of this existential dilemma, McDonald's Japan has called their new McShake the makusheiku pucchin dekinai kedo pucchin purin マックシェイク®”プッチン”できないけど プッチンプリン, which roughly translates as "You can't pucchin but it's still a Pucchin Pudding McShake®."

The new McShake goes on sale from April 13th in Japan, will come in a regular version in small (JPY 120) or medium (JPY 200) size, or served with a pack of caramel sauce which you can drizzle on top in small (JPY 170) or medium size (JPY 250) while supplies last.

For more information, visit McDonald's Japan's product page here.

By - Ben K.