Adorable little Saku-chan lives with his owner Rose (@642280H).

Rose’s daughter lives far away, but visited home recently to the delight of Saku-chan, who soaked up the play-time and attention.

But alas, the visit couldn’t last forever and Rose’s daughter had to say goodbye. Rose and Saku-chan saw her off as she climbed on the bus bound for the airport to take her far away.

Rose said farewell happily, knowing her daughter would return someday soon.

But Saku-chan…

Rose posted this video of Saku-chan saying:

"Not knowing the word for ‘farewell,’
No matter what…
Continuing to wait.
My daughter went home. Keeping all the happy memories she made with Saku-chan in my heart.
Although I sent her off with smiles, seeing Saku-chan’s sad state, I had to hold back tears."

Although Saku-chan may not know the words for ‘farewell,’ certainly he understands to some extent that he won’t be seeing his favorite play-friend anytime soon.

Following after the airport bus bound for faraway, Saku-chan sits down to wait for his friend’s return, refusing to budge no matter how hard Rose tried to convince Saku-chan to head home. She held back tears seeing just how deeply Saku-chan’s adoration for her daughter runs.

Voices from the Web:

  • Painful. I broke down into tears…
  • I was deeply moved that Saku-chan wouldn’t move from that spot.
  • Moments like this shows how pure dogs are. They’re just so adorable.
  • I can feel the strength of their bonds.

Saku-chan surely spent a lovely time with Rose’s daughter, having not seen her in some time.

Until the next time you can meet her, try to be patient Saku-chan!

By - Mujo.