Japanese adult fashion brand Kiiro is known for their high quality kimonos, but also their mission statement of bridging the traditional Japanese garment with more modern and casual fashion sensibilities.

While they've offered some stylistic takes on kimono to encourage more common wearing of them in the past, their new lineup of clothing is embracing two very specific themes as an aesthetic--kabuki theater and shunga, the erotic art of early Japan--for kimono, t-shirts, and sandals.

The classical Japanese theater art of kabuki is well known around the world, but shunga (春画), which translates to "Spring Pictures", might appear as a bit of a jarring choice as the term refers to erotic artwork typically featured on ukiyo-e woodblock prints in early Japan. Fortunately, the pieces chosen for the t-shirt and sandal portion of the lineup are not blatant.

The kimono (48,000 yen) appear to be inspired by the kumadori makeup featured in kabuki performances, and are designed to be less restrictive than standard kimono and more resemble an easy-to-wear gown with shorter sleeves.

The shunga aspect of the lineup is featured in a series of beach sandals (8,900 yen) and glossy t-shirts (12,000 yen).

The kabuki and shunga fashion collection is currently available from KIIRO's Shibuya Parco store and online shop.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.

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