If you're in the Tokyo area practicing self-isolation under the coronavirus pandemic and you also happen to appreciate Japanese art, you may be pleasantly surprised the next time you stop by the liquor area to stock up on takunomi 宅飲み (home drinking) tipple.

After April 21st, Sapporo is releasing a limited Hakone edition of their Black Label brand, boldly decorated with an interpretation of "Hakone Kosuizu" 東海道五拾三次 箱根 湖水図 (Hakone: View of the Lake), a woodblock print by Utagawa Hiroshige 歌川広重 (1797-1858), last great master of the Ukiyo-e art genre.

Here is the original, for comparison:

Hiroshige / CC0

The beautiful calligraphy of the word "Hakone" is created by none other than the head priest of Hakone Shrine, Shuji Ozawa.

As official sponsors of the Hakone Ekiden collegiate relay marathon race, Sapporo Breweries Ltd. has long supported the city of Hakone, an internationally-renowned tourist destination, and this limited Hakone edition Sapporo Black Label beer continues in that tradition. Sapporo will donate one yen from sales of each can to the Hakone City.

Only 6,000 cases of 24 cans will be sold in the Tokyo area from April 21st, so be sure to pick up a can or two before they're sold out.

By - Ben K.