Winner of an ADC Young Guns 17 award, Kenta Shinohara (@shinohara_kenta) is a truly talented stop motion animator. The creator is known for bringing the world of his figures to life with clever "one frame" stop motion shorts. Now his latest masterpiece appears to be a labor of love, as Shinohara has edited all of the one-off stop motion shorts he's made into a feature that has all the anime and video game characters you could ask for.

Shinohara recently posted the final cut to Twitter, saying "I spliced all of the figure frame shots I've made so far together. It's a tough time right now, but I'd be happy if you could just enjoy this a little."

The stop motion video features a number of anime and video game figures from makers such as S.H.Figuarts and figma, including Zelda, Street Fighter, Detective Conan, Dragon Ball Z, Re:Zero, Bakemonogatari, Spiderman, Astro Boy, and more (it even features the humanoid camera man who admonishes against piracy at Japanese theaters).

While obviously a very high quality video, some of the charm behind it comes from seeing the meticulous and manual effort Shinohara puts into staging each scene. Some "making of" scenes show some of the clever setting and trickery behind some effects.

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By - Big Neko.