Converse Skateboarding Japan has given us a glimpse into the lifestyle of skateboarding sensation, Shinpei Ueno.

Working alongside Converse Skateboarding Japan, the Japanese skateboarding king, Shinpei Ueno takes us to the hidden back streets of Tokyo, showing us his mastery of tricks and skills as well as his unique fashion sense. Made up of a range of short clips from behind-the-scenes footage of Ueno’s riding videos, the project can be viewed on the Converse Skateboarding Japan website.

Ueno joined the ranks of Converse Skateboarding Japan back in 2019, and has been an active face in the company not only as a professional rider but also in a wide range of ambassador activities, including the development and promotion of new apparel and merchandise.

The video project allows us to take a look at Ueno’s day to day life and adventures, and also gives us the chance to see Converse Skateboarding Japan’s new skateboarding specific shoes, PRORIDE SK OX +. The new shoes are due to be released in April, but we can see Ueno sporting them ahead of time in the collaboration video.


A new skateboarding shoe, perfect for cruising or testing out tricks on the board. The PRORIDE SK OX + keeps up the Converse stereotypical basketball style, is made with suede and rubber materials and comes available in two colours, Olive and Off-white. Set to be released sometime in April, the shoes will cost 12,000 YEN (plus tax).

Converse Skateboarding Japan designs and develops skate shoes that support active skateboarding and day-to-day fashion whilst keeping the classic Converse style. The company’s + series focuses on functional shoes perfect for skateboarders from beginners to the pros, and has been endorsed by skateboarders Shinpei Ueno, Shinichi Ito, Kaito Sagawa, Genki Sunagawa and Yuki “Johnny” Hirose. Clips and snaps of the skateboarding ambassadors can be seen on Converse Skateboarding Japan’s Instagram account.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.