Dolls in Japan are more than just your typical frilly-dressed Barbie dolls; sometimes you can find dolls that are ultra-realistic, and can be as considered works of art on their own.

One Japanese toy company that makes beautifully-crafted dolls and figures is Good Smile Company; they’re mostly known for producing Nendoroids, or palm-sized figures that depict popular characters from video games and anime, but they also have a line of dolls called Harmonia Bloom. They recently created their own version of an Alice in Wonderland doll, and it’s as charming as the fairytales it was inspired by.

The doll stands at 23 centimeters or just a little bit over 9 inches. Similar to the Nendoroid figures, it also has adjustable body parts that can be used to style it in different poses.

This version of Alice has a disproportionate but sweet-looking face, and it has bright blonde hair that falls in waves behind its knees. The beauty of the doll is reflected in its price, however, since it costs 36,000 yen.

The clothing that comes with the doll draws inspiration from the iconic bright blue, bell-shaped dress that Alice can be seen wearing in the 1951 animated movie by Disney. It also includes other items such as the white pinafore that goes over her dress, and an oversized version of Alice’s hairbow.

Good Smile Company’s Alice in Wonderland doll can be reserved here, with the official release happening in May 2020.

By - Jen Laforteza.