Hana-chan is a shiba inu from Japan that has become somewhat of an internet doggo celebrity. Even if you don't know her by name, it's very likely you're familiar with her as an incredibly stubborn shiba that can become cartoonishly defiant when she decides she no longer wants to continue with her walk or go home.

When Hana-chan isn't protesting her walkies, however, she is known be a very happy-go-lucky and photogenic dog.

Hana-chan does, however, drop her charming smile and undergo a drastic and aggressive transformation on one unfortunately routine occasion: visiting the dreaded vet's office. While it's understandable to most dog owners that their canine companions aren't fans of being pricked with needles or the tense atmosphere surrounding it, Hana-chan's reacts as if she's getting the needle--even when she's not!

Hana-chan's owner @87shiba87 recently shared a video showing the lovable shiba wildly reacting to well, not much of anything, saying: "So she's making a really painful looking face, but this is just the routine pre-shot checkup and the vet is just listening to her heartbeat."

As you can see, once the momentary struggle at the vet's office is over, Hana-chan is back to her cheerful self!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.