If you're into photo books of Japanese gravure models, then chances are you've heard of Shosen. They also have a 7-story bookstore in Jimbocho but it's the 9th floor of their Book Tower in Akihabara which is famous as a "sacred site for gravure idol events."

For those who can't contain their curiosity about the latest Shosen gravure photo book ranking, the top position was won by Rio Teramoto, whose first photo book came out on March 25th.

You can order "Curiosity" from Shosen here or CDJapan here.

寺本莉緒1st写真集 CURIOSITY(出版社:講談社、発売日:2020/3/25)

If you're not already a fan and don't have them bookmarked, here are links to Rio's social media accounts:



2nd to 10th place ranking information

  • 2. Nogizaka46 Yuki Yoda's 2nd photobook Mukuchi na Jikan (Kobunsha, 2020/03/10). 乃木坂46 与田祐希2nd写真集 無口な時間(出版社:光文社、発売日:2020/3/10)
  • 3. Hinako Sano photobook Hina (Kobunsha, 2020/03/10). 佐野ひなこ写真集 Hina(出版社:光文社、発売日:2020/3/10)
  • 4. Mami Yamasaki photobook Hitotoki (Kobunsha, 2020/02/25). 山崎真実写真集 ひととき(出版社:光文社、発売日:2020/2/25)
  • 5. Aki Takada first photobook SHU (Shueisha, 2020/03/18). 高田秋ファースト写真集 SHU(出版社:集英社、発売日:2020/3/18)
  • 6. Mio Imada photobook Last Shot (Kodansha, 2020/01/21). 今田美桜写真集 ラストショット(出版社:講談社、発売日:2020/1/21)
  • 7. Bambi Watanabe photobook "rabbit" (Kodansha, 2020/03/06). 渡辺万美写真集 『rabbit』(出版社:講談社、発売日:2020/3/6)
  • 8. Genshoku bijin kyasuta daizukan 2020 (Bungei Shunju, 2020/01/22). 原色美人キャスター大図鑑2020(出版社:文藝春秋、発売日:2020/1/22)
  • 9. Nicole Fujita photobook Suki ni naru yo? (Kodansha, 2020/02/22). 藤田ニコル写真集 好きになるよ?(出版社:講談社、発売日:2020/2/22)
  • 10. smart tokubetsu henshu smart x zeroichi familia Photo & DVD book (Takarajimasha, 2020/03/26). smart特別編集 smart × ゼロイチファミリア PHOTO & DVD BOOK(出版社:宝島社、発売日:2020/3/26)

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