Anyone who’s ever been to Japan can attest to the level of hospitality and service that the country’s service staff provides. In fact, there’s even a Japanese word that specifically refers to this brand of hospitality: omotenashi.

It’s this same omotenashi that a Japanese Twitter user experienced when she received a surprise during a recent stay at the Tokyo Disneyland Hotel.

Tokyo Disneyland is among a number of entertainment facilities that have closed down in Japan due to the coronavirus pandemic, and although the amusement park itself shut down on February 29, the hotel has stayed open to guests.

However, with Tokyo Disneyland itself being closed, the hotel has seen a decline in the number of guests coming to stay. This decline is likely what prompted a string of messages that a Japanese Twitter user received during her stay at the hotel.

The messages, written in Japanese, contain various heartwarming words thanking her for her previous stays and wishing her a wonderful time at the hotel.

According to the Twitter user, she reserved the hotel to buy Disney merchandise being sold exclusively to hotel guests, and was moved to tears upon seeing the messages on the day of her stay.

This hasn’t been the first case of Japanese staff going above and beyond to show their customers touching displays of hospitality; just as recently as January, a different Twitter user shared his experience of receiving flowers from a pet goods store upon his cat’s passing.

And despite the coronavirus causing a countrywide closure of businesses, we can expect that the hotel staff’s kind gesture won’t be the last.

(Editor's note: The Twitter user, who prefers to remain anonymous, has granted us permission to use her photos for this article.)

By - Jen Laforteza.